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Tamanu Oil (Foraha Oil)

Tamanu, also known as Foraha, Kamanu, Domba, Alexandrian Laurel and a number of other regional names is native to Asia and Polynesia where it is considered sacred. Tamanu Oil is pressed from kernels harvested from the tamanu tree, a beautiful, ornamental tree with aromatic white flowers and green drupe-like fruits.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that Tamanu Oil has been traditionally used for a wide range of beauty and health applications. It is said to have a long history of being used topically to care for numerous skin conditions and concerns.

Numerous studies have explored the extensive beneficial properties of Tamanu Oil with regard to clinical skin care. It is highly sought after for its superior emolliency and ability to soothe dry and irritated skin.

Praan Naturals premium quality Tamanu Oil is carefully produced, sourced and packaged to maintain the purity, freshness and beneficial properties of this remarkably nutritive oil.


Tamanu Oil is an effective emollient that absorbs quickly. It helps soothe, hydrate and protect the skin while improving the feel of creams and lotions. This beautiful oil helps support skin integrity and moisture retention. The composition of Tamanu Oil makes it well suited for use in a wide array of personal care applications that include formulations intended for mature, dry and sensitive skin. Tamanu Oil is also touted for its use in formulations for massage.

Tamanu Oil is thick in viscosity but is fluid at room temperature. It may solidify or separate at cold temperatures.

Tamanu Oil Properties:

  • Stable Shelf Life
  • Deep Green Hue
  • Sweet Nutty Aroma
  • Thick Viscosity
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Non-Greasy

Tamanu Oil is Perfectly Suited for the Following Personal Care Applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Lip Care
  • Hair Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage

Recommended Usage Rate:


Tamanu Oil (Foraha Oil)

INCI Nomenclature:

Calophyllum Tacamahaca (Tamanu) Seed Oil

Shelf Life:

2 Years



Extraction Method:

Expeller Pressed

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