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USDA Organic

Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil

Lavandin Super, Lavandula hybrida super, is a hybrid of Lavender and Spike Lavender:

Praan Naturals Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil contains approximately 30% Linalol and 40% Linalyl Acetate. It is an affordable alternative to true Organic Lavender Essential Oil. Aromatically, Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil possesses the lovely characteristic aroma of Organic Lavender Essential Oil, but does have a slight underlying camphorous aroma.

Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil blends especially well with other essential oils within the floral, citrus, mint and conifer families. Emotionally, it is a highly relaxing and calming oil that helps to promote a tranquil, peaceful environment. Within aromatherapy and wellness applications, its composition makes it well suited for use within personal care, fragrancing and cleaning applications intended to support wellness and a calm, healthy environment.


INCI Nomenclature:

Lavandula Hybrida Super (Lavender) Oil

Shelf Life:

5 Years



Extraction Method:

Steam Distilled
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