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Indian Sandalwood Powder

Typically known as Indian Sandalwood or East Indian Sandalwood, Santalum album is the most revered and prized species of Sandalwood due to the exquisite aroma of its heartwood and its historical significance in perfumery.

Sandalwood belongs to the Santalaceau plant family. The heartwood of this cherished evergreen tree is thought to be one of the first aromatics used by mankind.

Known for its deep, woody, sultry aroma, the heartwood and its essential oil have been used throughout history for its spiritual, emotional, therapeutic, cosmetic and fragrancing applications.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing:

Santalum album is classified as a vulnerable species with declining population by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

Several other species of sandalwood trees are utilized to produce essential oil and powder. However, no other species captures the exquisite aroma and aromatic depth that Indian Sandalwood possess. For decades, the significant demand, over-exploitation and illegal extraction of Indian sandalwood trees lead to its endangerment and continued vulnerability.

Praan Naturals is pleased to offer this 100% pure, authentic Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil. It is produced from the heartwood of sandalwood trees that have been ethically and sustainably cultivated on plantations in Australia. It is produced from the heartwood of sandalwood trees that have been ethically and sustainably cultivated on plantations in Australia. It is compliant with the Lacey Act, and it does not require a CITES permit.

Our manufacturing partner engages in ethical and sustainable practices, and they ensure they are in regulatory compliance for all business procedures. They engage in cultural heritage activities, respect native title rights, support their local economy, ensure the wellbeing of their employees, and they engage in ongoing research to improve their energy efficiency and more fully utilize all waste product.

Indian Sandalwood Powder Uses:

Indian Sandalwood Powder is an extra-fine powder with a desirable, silky-smooth texture.

The heartwood used to derive the powder naturally contains over 3% volatile, aromatic constituents. (No additional essential oil was added to the powder.) Therefore, the powder is highly aromatic, and it retains the incomparable fragrance of the heartwood that it is derived from.

Indian Sandalwood Powder may be a helpful co-emulsifier, and it may be used to thicken formulations.

It is a highly beneficial addition to personal care formulations intended to help soothe and support the skin.

It is a versatile ingredient that is well suited for a wide array of cosmetic, wellness and spiritual applications.

Indian Sandalwood Powder Properties:

  • 100% Pure and Authentic
  • Ethically and Sustainably Sourced
  • Highly Fragrant
  • Deep, Woody, Sweet, Characteristic Aroma
  • Tan to Pale Yellow-Brown Hue
  • Smooth, Powdery Texture
  • Extra-Fine Consistency
  • Refer to Specs for Physical Property and Composition Details

Indian Sandalwood Powder is Well Suited for the Following Personal Care Applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Aromatherapy
  • Wellness
  • Spiritual and Energetic Applications

Indian Sandalwood Powder Recommended Usage:



INCI Nomenclature:

Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Powder

Shelf Life:

5 Years



Extraction Method:


Safety Data Sheet

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