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Kiwi Fruit Seeds

Praan Naturals premium quality Kiwi Fruit Seeds are prepared by isolating the seeds from the dried fruit pulp. They are then carefully dried, sterilized, cooled and then passed through a 2.5mm screen and a grill to remove any impurities. This process allows the seeds to be used in skin care formulations without the chance of contamination.

These natural, cosmetic grade Kiwi Fruit Seeds are carefully sourced from a manufacturing partner that meets our rigorous, proprietary standards for ethics, sustainability and quality.

Kiwi Fruit Seeds are a visually eye catching and colorful addition to skin care formulations. They typically range in hue from reddish brown, brown to dark brown.

Kiwi Fruit Seeds are suitable for use in viscous applications such as soaps, gels, cleaners and scrubs or where more aggressive exfoliation is sought.


INCI Nomenclature:

Actinidia Deliciosa (Kiwi) Seed

Shelf Life:

2 Years


New Zealand

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