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Myrrh CO2 Select Extract

Native to Africa, Myrrh is a small tree that produces an aromatic and beneficial resin. The resin has been prized and cherished since before Biblical times not only for use in spiritual applications and as a natural incense but also for its fragrance in perfumery and for it's many beneficial properties in topical and hair care applications. It is often associated with Frankincense resin.

Praan Naturals Myrrh CO2 Select Extract is expertly produced in Germany using the pure, fragrant resin of Somalian and Ethiopian Commiphora myrrha. Aromatically, it is beautifully resinous, sweet, balsamic and rich. It possesses a softer, more balanced aroma than does Myrrh Essential Oil. It is well suited for the finest wellness, cosmetic, aromatherapy, spiritual and fragrancing applications.

Myrrh CO2 Select Extract is a base note that blends especially well with essential oils and CO2 Extracts in the citrus, spice and wood families.

Within cosmetic and skin care applications, Myrrh CO2 Select Extract can help provide support to problematic or maturing skin. Within diffuser applications, it can be helpful in supporting a healthy respiratory system. We encourage you to research the many benefits that Myrrh CO2 Select Extract offers within aromatherapy, skin and hair care applications.

For emotional wellness, Myrrh CO2 Select Extract is an especially grounding and balancing oil. It helps center the mind and calm the spirit. It is the perfect aromatic to consider for use in formulations and blends intended to support meditation and root chakra work.

Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young indicate that Myrrh Essential Oil may be fetotoxic within Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 and is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Although their research surrounds the essential oil and not the CO2 Extract, we recommend reading their full profile to help you determine the suitability of Myrrh CO2 Select Extract for your application.


INCI Nomenclature:

Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Extract

Shelf Life:

5 Years



Extraction Method:

CO2 Supercritical Extraction

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