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Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care

Essential oils are an effective way to naturally fragrance pet care products and provide anti-bacterial, insect repellent and other beneficial properties. Essential oils like Lavender and Roman Chamomile can help calm distressed pets. Essential oils like Roman Chamomile that are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties can help to ease swelling and muscular aches. Praan Naturals offers high quality, pure, steam distilled essential oils sourced exclusively from small distilleries around the world.

Please Note: Essential oils are highly concentrated and not all essential oils are safe to use with all animal types. Cats, for instance, are especially sensitive to particular essential oils as their livers are not able to process the constituents effectively. Although we supply a large range of essential oils, it is your responsibility to research and confirm that the particular oils and quantities used are safe for use within your intended application.

This category lists our conventional essential oils that are associated with natural pet care. They are based on the expert recommendations of Kristen Leigh Bell as described in her book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals. [Kristen Leigh Bell. (2002). Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals. Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press Publisher.]

Visit our main Conventional Essential Oils and Organic Essential Oils categories to view our complete line of essential oils. Our extensive global network allows us to bring you a infinite selection of essential oils for your specific needs.

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