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Praan Naturals is pleased to offer a large and growing selection of superior quality, certified organic and conventional CO2 Extracts that are well suited for use within aromatherapy, personal care and cosmetic applications.

CO2 Supercritical Extracts, also known as Carbon Dioxide Extracts, CO2 Extracts or simply CO2s, are extracted using carbon dioxide as a solvent. Using equipment specifically designed for CO2 extraction, carbon dioxide can be carefully pressurized and converted into a supercritical, liquid-like state. In this state, the carbon dioxide becomes a safe and effective solvent that enables all of the desirable constituents of the botanical material to be collected without the risk of heat degradation or exposure to potentially toxic solvents. Once the extraction is complete, the carbon dioxide is allowed to return to its natural gaseous state, leaving behind only the pure extract.

CO2 Selects: CO2 Selects are typically extracted at lower pressure and typically contain only the more volatile CO2-soluble components. The heavier waxes, resins, and color compounds are not present in CO2 Selects. CO2 Selects resemble steam distilled essential oils in composition and beneficial applications, however, they typically offer a longer shelf life and may contain more volatile components that cannot be extracted using steam distillation.

CO2 Totals: CO2 Totals are typically extracted at higher pressure. CO2 Totals generally contain both volatile and non-volatile CO2-soluble components of the botanical. Depending on the plant part used, the aromatics, heavier waxes, fatty acids, resins and color compounds may be present in the extract. CO2 Totals are generally thicker in consistency but are soluble in lipophilic fluids such as essential oils and vegetable oils. Due to their viscosity, some CO2 Totals may need gentle warming. CO2 Extraction is used to produce superior quality lipids with greater stability, longer shelf life and often greater efficacy than their cold pressed counterparts.

We will be delighted to provide availability and pricing information for any CO2s not listed on our Web site. Please contact us for further information.