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Ethically Sourced Natural Bulk Ingredients for Beauty, Personal Care and Wellness Applications

Aloe: Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel 1:1 Decolorized
Aloe: Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel 40X Decolorized
Ayurvedic Herb: Amla Powder
Ayurvedic Herb: Aritha Powder (Soapnut)
Ayurvedic Herb: Hibiscus Petal Powder
Ayurvedic Herb: Neem Powder
Ayurvedic Herb: Rose Petal Powder
Ayurvedic Herb: Shikakai Powder
Ayurvedic Herb: Turmeric Powder
Baking Soda
Balsam: Copaiba Balsam
Base: Liquid Castile Soap (Made With Organic)
Berry Oil: Acai Berry Pulp, Virgin
Berry Oil: Black Raspberry Seed, Virgin
Berry Oil: Cranberry Seed
Berry Oil: Strawberry Seed
Butter: Aloe Vera
Butter: Coffee Bean
Butter: Cupuacu, Refined
Butter: Mango
Butter: Murumuru
Butter: Shea, Pressed and Refined
Citric Acid
Clay: Bentonite, #1
Clay: Bentonite, #2
Clay: French Black
Clay: French Green
Clay: Glacial
Clay: Green Illite
Clay: Kaolin, Coral
Clay: Kaolin, White
Clay: Multani Mitti
Clay: Red Illite
Clay: Rhassoul
Clay: Rose
Clay: Sea
Clay: Yellow Illite
CO2 Extract: Angelica Root Select
CO2 Extract: Arnica Flower Total
CO2 Extract: Basil Select
CO2 Extract: Black Pepper Total
CO2 Extract: Borage Seed Total
CO2 Extract: Calendula Total
CO2 Extract: Cardamom Select
CO2 Extract: Carrot Root Total
CO2 Extract: Carrot Seed Select
CO2 Extract: Celery Seed
CO2 Extract: Chamomile Total
CO2 Extract: Cinnamon Bark Cassia Total
CO2 Extract: Cinnamon Bark Ceylanicum Select
CO2 Extract: Clove Bud Select
CO2 Extract: Cocoa Select
CO2 Extract: Coriander Select
CO2 Extract: Evening Primrose
CO2 Extract: Fir, Siberian Subcritical
CO2 Extract: Frankincense Select
CO2 Extract: Ginger Total
CO2 Extract: Hops Total
CO2 Extract: Jasmine Grandiflorum Select
CO2 Extract: Jasmine Sambac Select
CO2 Extract: Juniper Berry Select
CO2 Extract: Lavender Select
CO2 Extract: Myrrh Select
CO2 Extract: Oat Total
CO2 Extract: Oregano Select
CO2 Extract: Parsley Seed Select
CO2 Extract: Pomegranate, Total
CO2 Extract: Rhatany Root Total
CO2 Extract: Sage Antioxidant 23% DTP
CO2 Extract: Sandalwood Select, Indian
CO2 Extract: Seabuckthorn Berry Total
CO2 Extract: Seabuckthorn Seed Total
CO2 Extract: St. John's Wort Total
CO2 Extract: Tomato Seed Total
CO2 Extract: Vanilla, 12% Vanillin
Cocoa Powder, Organic
Essential Oil: Allspice
Essential Oil: Ammi Visnaga
Essential Oil: Andean Mint
Essential Oil: Angelica Root
Essential Oil: Anise Seed
Essential Oil: Bay Rum, Jamaica
Essential Oil: Bergamot, Italy
Essential Oil: Bergamot, Ivory Coast
Essential Oil: Cajeput
Essential Oil: Cardamom
Essential Oil: Carrot Seed
Essential Oil: Catnip
Essential Oil: Cedarwood, Virginian
Essential Oil: Chamomile, German
Essential Oil: Chamomile, Roman, (Organically Grown)
Essential Oil: Chamomile, Roman, France
Essential Oil: Chamomile, Roman, United Kingdom
Essential Oil: Cinnamon Bark, Indonesia
Essential Oil: Cinnamon Bark, Sri Lanka
Essential Oil: Clove Bud
Essential Oil: Cypress
Essential Oil: Elemi
Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Globulus
Essential Oil: Fennel, Sweet
Essential Oil: Frankincense, Somalia
Essential Oil: Frankincense, Somalia/USA
Essential Oil: Geranium
Essential Oil: Geranium Rosat
Essential Oil: Ginger, Fresh Sweet
Essential Oil: Grapefruit, Pink
Essential Oil: Grapefruit, White
Essential Oil: Helichrysum Italicum
Essential Oil: Hyssop
Essential Oil: Juniper Berry
Essential Oil: Lavandin
Essential Oil: Lavandin Grosso
Essential Oil: Lavender
Essential Oil: Lemon, USA
Essential Oil: Lime
Essential Oil: Mandarin, Green
Essential Oil: Marjoram, Sweet
Essential Oil: Melissa (Lemon Balm)
Essential Oil: Myrtle, Peruvian
Essential Oil: Neroli
Essential Oil: Neroli, Morocco
Essential Oil: Neroli, Tunisia
Essential Oil: Niaouli
Essential Oil: Opopanax
Essential Oil: Orange, Sweet
Essential Oil: Oregano
Essential Oil: Palo Santo
Essential Oil: Palo Santo
Essential Oil: Palo Santo Fruit
Essential Oil: Patchouli
Essential Oil: Pepper, Black
Essential Oil: Peppercorn, Pink
Essential Oil: Peppermint
Essential Oil: Petitgrain, Paraguay
Essential Oil: Rosalina
Essential Oil: Rosemary Cineole, Hungary
Essential Oil: Rosewood
Essential Oil: Sage, Clary, England
Essential Oil: Sage, Clary, France
Essential Oil: Sage, White
Essential Oil: Sandalwood, Indian
Essential Oil: Spearmint
Essential Oil: Tangerine
Essential Oil: Tea Tree
Essential Oil: Tea Tree, Lemon
Essential Oil: Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Essential Oil: Vetiver
Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Complete
Essential Oil: Yuzu
Essential Oil: Zdravetz
Exfoliant: Bamboo Powder (Banslochan)
Exfoliant: Finely Shredded Desiccated Coconut
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Baby Blue
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Blue
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Brown
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Green
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Red
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Sierra Blue
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Sweet Honey
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, White
Exfoliant: Jojoba Wax Beads, Yellow
Exfoliant: Pumice Powder
Exfoliant: Rice Husk Powder
Exfoliant: Tagua Seed Powder
Floral Wax: Jasmine Auriculatum
Floral Wax: Jasmine Grandiflorum
Floral Wax: Jasmine Sambac
Floral Wax: Magnolia
Floral Wax: Mimosa
Floral Wax: Osmanthus
Floral Wax: Pink Lotus
Floral Wax: Red Champaca
Floral Wax: Rose Centifolia
Floral Wax: Tuberose
Fruit Fiber: Blueberry
Fruit Fiber: Cranberry
Fruit Seed: Black Raspberry
Fruit Seed: Blueberry
Fruit Seed: Cranberry
Fruit Seed: Dutch Blue Poppy Seeds
Fruit Seed: Kiwi
Fruit Seed: Kiwi
Fruit Seed: Raspberry
Fruit Seed: Strawberry
Grain Products: Colloidal Oat Flour USP/NF (fine)
Grain Products: Corn Starch
Grain Products: Oat Starch, USP
Grain Products: Rice Bran Powder, Fine
Grain Products: Rice Powder, Fine
Herb: Arrowroot Powder
Herb: Carrot Root Powder
Herb: Chamomile Flower Powder
Herb: Ginseng Powder
Herb: Green Tea Leaf Powder
Herb: Lavender Buds
Herb: Licorice Root Powder
Herb: Nettles, Stinging, Powder
Herb: Peppermint Leaf C/S
Herb: Sandalwood, Indian, Powder
Herb: Spearmint Leaf C/S
Hydrosol: Witch Hazel
Lecithin (Liquid)
Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Magnesium Chloride Oil (Brine), 31%
Milk Powder: Buttermilk
Milk Powder: Coconut (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)
Milk Powder: Goat's Milk
Milk Powder: Whole
Milk Powder: Yogurt
Mud: Dead Sea
Mud: Dead Sea Powder
Natural Color Extract: Annatto, Water Soluble Powder
Nut Shell: Almond Shell Powder
Nut Shell: Coconut Shell Powder
Nut Shell: Walnut Shell Powder (Fine 60/100)
Nut Shell: Walnut Shell Powder (Medium 35/60)
Oil: Abyssinian
Oil: Almond, Sweet
Oil: Almond, Sweet
Oil: Aloe Vera Extract
Oil: Amla
Oil: Andiroba, Virgin
Oil: Apricot Kernel
Oil: Avocado, Refined
Oil: Baobab, Unrefined
Oil: Blackberry Seed, Virgin
Oil: Blackcurrant Seed
Oil: Blueberry, Virgin
Oil: Brazil Nut, Refined
Oil: Broccoli Seed, Virgin
Oil: Buriti Fruit, Refined
Oil: Calabash, Virgin
Oil: Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT Oil)
Oil: Carrot Seed, Virgin
Oil: Castor
Oil: Castor, Black
Oil: Cherry Kernel, Virgin
Oil: Coffee Bean, Roasted
Oil: Coffee, Green
Oil: Cucumber Seed, Virgin
Oil: Grape Seed, Refined, Deodorized
Oil: Grape Seed, Virgin, Riesling
Oil: Hazelnut
Oil: Hemp Seed, Refined
Oil: Jojoba, Natural
Oil: Karanja, Virgin
Oil: Kukui Nut, RBD
Oil: Laurel Berry
Oil: Macadamia Nut
Oil: Mafura (Cape Mahogany)
Oil: Maracuja (Passionfruit Seed)
Oil: Marula
Oil: Meadowfoam Seed
Oil: Monoi de Tahiti with Citrus Plumeria Plant-Based Fragrance
Oil: Monoi de Tahiti with Polynesian Garden Plant-Based Fragrance
Oil: Monoi de Tahiti, Original (10 Flowers)
Oil: Monoi de Tahiti, Ultra (200 Flowers)
Oil: Moringa
Oil: Olive (Grade A)
Oil: Papaya Seed
Oil: Peach Kernel
Oil: Pequi
Oil: Plum, Virgin
Oil: Pomegranate Seed
Oil: Poppy Seed
Oil: Pracaxi, Virgin
Oil: Raspberry Seed
Oil: Red Raspberry Seed
Oil: Rose Hip Seed
Oil: Sesame
Oil: Shea
Oil: Squalane, Olive
Oil: Squalene, Olive
Oil: Sunflower
Oil: Tamanu (Foraha Oil)
Oil: Turkey Red (Sulfated Castor), 70%
Oil: Ungurahui
Oil: Walnut
Oil: Watermelon Seed
Oil: Wheatgerm
Oil: Yangu (Cape Chestnut)
Organic Aloe: Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Freeze Dried 100X
Organic Aloe: Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Spray Dried, 100X
Organic Aloe: Aloe Vera Powder, Freeze Dried 200X
Organic Aloe: Aloe Vera Powder, Spray Dried 200X
Organic Berry Oil: Cranberry Seed, Virgin
Organic Butter: Cocoa
Organic Butter: Nilotica Shea
Organic Butter: Shea, Refined
Organic CO2 Extract: Amaranth Seed Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Black Cumin Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Calendula Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Chamomile, German Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Chia Seed Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Cinnamon Bark
Organic CO2 Extract: Cinnamon Bark Burmannii Total Extract
Organic CO2 Extract: Coconut Select
Organic CO2 Extract: Coffee Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Lilac Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Linden Blossom Select
Organic CO2 Extract: Linden Blossom Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Oregano Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Raspberry Seed Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Rose Damascena Select
Organic CO2 Extract: Rose Hip Seed Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Rosemary Antioxidant 14% DTP
Organic CO2 Extract: Rosemary Antioxidant 25% DTP
Organic CO2 Extract: Rosemary Select
Organic CO2 Extract: Sage Triloba Select
Organic CO2 Extract: Seabuckthorn Berry Pulp Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Seabuckthorn Berry Total
Organic CO2 Extract: Vanilla, 12% Vanillin
Organic CO2 Extract: Vanilla, 26% Vanillin
Organic CO2 Extract: Zdravetz Total
Organic Essential Oil: Anise, Star
Organic Essential Oil: Balsam Fir
Organic Essential Oil: Balsam Poplar, Canada
Organic Essential Oil: Basil Linalool
Organic Essential Oil: Bergamot
Organic Essential Oil: Bergamot, FCF
Organic Essential Oil: Caraway
Organic Essential Oil: Cardamom
Organic Essential Oil: Cedarwood, Atlas
Organic Essential Oil: Cinnamon Bark
Organic Essential Oil: Cinnamon Leaf
Organic Essential Oil: Citronella, India
Organic Essential Oil: Citronella, Indonesia
Organic Essential Oil: Clove Bud
Organic Essential Oil: Coriander Leaf
Organic Essential Oil: Coriander Seed
Organic Essential Oil: Cypress
Organic Essential Oil: Dill Seed
Organic Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Citriodora
Organic Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Globulus
Organic Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Radiata, South Africa
Organic Essential Oil: Frankincense
Organic Essential Oil: Geranium, Rose
Organic Essential Oil: Grapefruit, Pink
Organic Essential Oil: Helichrysum Italicum
Organic Essential Oil: Hemlock
Organic Essential Oil: Jatamansi (Spikenard)
Organic Essential Oil: Juniper Berry
Organic Essential Oil: Lavandin Abrialis
Organic Essential Oil: Lavandin Super
Organic Essential Oil: Lavender, Bulgaria
Organic Essential Oil: Lavender, France
Organic Essential Oil: Lavender, Spike
Organic Essential Oil: Lemon
Organic Essential Oil: Lemongrass
Organic Essential Oil: Mandarin
Organic Essential Oil: Mandarin, Green
Organic Essential Oil: Melissa (Lemon Balm)
Organic Essential Oil: Myrrh
Organic Essential Oil: Myrtle, Lemon
Organic Essential Oil: Neroli, Egypt
Organic Essential Oil: Neroli, Tunisia
Organic Essential Oil: Niaouli, Cineole, Madagascar
Organic Essential Oil: Nutmeg
Organic Essential Oil: Orange, Sweet
Organic Essential Oil: Palmarosa
Organic Essential Oil: Patchouli
Organic Essential Oil: Peppermint
Organic Essential Oil: Peppermint, Chocolate
Organic Essential Oil: Petitgrain
Organic Essential Oil: Pine, Scotch
Organic Essential Oil: Rosemary
Organic Essential Oil: Rosemary Camphor
Organic Essential Oil: Rosemary Cineole
Organic Essential Oil: Rosemary Verbenone
Organic Essential Oil: Sage, Common
Organic Essential Oil: Sage, Common, Hungary
Organic Essential Oil: Spearmint
Organic Essential Oil: Spruce, Black
Organic Essential Oil: Spruce, White
Organic Essential Oil: Tea Tree, Australia
Organic Essential Oil: Tea Tree, Australia
Organic Essential Oil: Thyme
Organic Essential Oil: Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Organic Essential Oil: Verbena, Lemon
Organic Essential Oil: Vetiver
Organic Essential Oil: Yarrow
Organic Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Complete
Organic Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Extra
Organic Extract: Goji Berry, Oil Soluble
Organic Extract: Yerba Mate, Oil Soluble
Organic Glycerin, Vegetable, Palm-Free
Organic Grain Products: Whole Oat Flour
Organic Herb: Calendula Powder
Organic Honey Powder
Organic Hydrosol: Bee Balm
Organic Hydrosol: Calendula
Organic Hydrosol: Cornflower
Organic Hydrosol: Cucumber
Organic Hydrosol: Elderflower
Organic Hydrosol: Fir, Douglas
Organic Hydrosol: German Chamomile
Organic Hydrosol: Ginger
Organic Hydrosol: Lavender
Organic Hydrosol: Lavender Maillette
Organic Hydrosol: Lavender Pacific Blue
Organic Hydrosol: Lemon Balm
Organic Hydrosol: Lime
Organic Hydrosol: Rose Damascena, Bulgaria
Organic Hydrosol: Rose Geranium
Organic Hydrosol: Rose Hip
Organic Hydrosol: Rosemary
Organic Hydrosol: Yarrow
Organic Lecithin: Soy Liquid
Organic Lecithin: Soy Powder
Organic Lecithin: Sunflower Liquid
Organic Lecithin: Sunflower Powder
Organic Meal: Grape Seed Powder
Organic Menthol Crystals
Organic Oil: Acai
Organic Oil: Almond, Sweet
Organic Oil: Apricot Kernel, Virgin
Organic Oil: Argan
Organic Oil: Arnica Extract
Organic Oil: Avocado
Organic Oil: Avocado, Virgin
Organic Oil: Babassu, Refined
Organic Oil: Baobab Seed
Organic Oil: Black Cumin Seed, Virgin
Organic Oil: Borage, Refined, 20% GLA
Organic Oil: Brazil Nut
Organic Oil: Broccoli Seed
Organic Oil: Calendula Extract
Organic Oil: Camelina, Virgin
Organic Oil: Camellia Oil
Organic Oil: Castor
Organic Oil: Castor
Organic Oil: Chia Seed
Organic Oil: Coconut, Fractionated
Organic Oil: Coconut, Virgin
Organic Oil: Date Kernel, Virgin
Organic Oil: Evening Primrose
Organic Oil: Flax Seed, Virgin
Organic Oil: Grape Seed
Organic Oil: Hazelnut
Organic Oil: Hemp Seed
Organic Oil: Hibiscus Seed
Organic Oil: Jojoba, Clear
Organic Oil: Jojoba, Natural
Organic Oil: Kalahari Melon
Organic Oil: Karanja, Virgin
Organic Oil: Manketti
Organic Oil: Maracuja (Passionfruit Seed)
Organic Oil: Moringa
Organic Oil: Neem, Virgin
Organic Oil: Olive, Refined
Organic Oil: Palm, Sustainable
Organic Oil: Perilla Seed
Organic Oil: Plum, Virgin
Organic Oil: Pomegranate Seed
Organic Oil: Prickly Pear Seed, Virgin
Organic Oil: Pumpkin Seed
Organic Oil: Rose Hip Seed
Organic Oil: Rose Hip Seed, Refined
Organic Oil: Sacha Inchi
Organic Oil: Safflower, High Oleic, Refined
Organic Oil: Sesame, Virgin
Organic Oil: Soybean
Organic Oil: Sunflower, High Oleic, Refined
Organic Oil: Tigernut, Virgin
Organic Oil: Virgin Coconut
Organic Sea Vegetable: Bladderwrack Powder
Organic Sea Vegetable: Norwegian Kelp Powder
Organic Seed Powder: Raspberry
Organic Seed Powder: Rose Hip Seed Powder
Organic Sugar: Coconut (16 Mesh)
Organic Sugar: Coconut (50 Mesh)
Organic Sugar: Evaporated Cane Juice
Organic Vinegar: Apple Cider
Organic Wax: Beeswax, Yellow Pastilles
Organic Wax: Emulsifying
Organic Witch Hazel 86%
Other Specialty: Coral Calcium Powder
Other Specialty: Glycerin, Vegetable USP
Other Specialty: Honey Powder
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Apricot
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Cananga Flower
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Cardamom & Primrose
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Cherry
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Enchanted Eucalyptus
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Eucalyptus Morning
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Fresh Mango
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Frosted Lemon Cake
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Grapefruit Splash
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Honey Creme
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Lavender
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Lavender Honey
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Lemon Drop
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Pina Colada
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Rosewood Lavender
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Rugged Woods
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Satsuma
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Spiced Rose
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Vanilla Spice
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Wild Rose
Plant-Based Fragrance Oil: Yuzu Breeze
Powdered Extract: Buckthorn, Oil Dispersible
Powdered Extract: Burdock Root 4:1
Powdered Extract: Cutch, Water Soluble
Powdered Extract: Genipa, Water Soluble
Powdered Extract: Green Tea Leaf 50% Polyphenols
Powdered Extract: Royal Jelly 1X
Powdered Extract: Sorghum, Oil Dispersible
Powdered Extract: St. John's Wort 4:1
Powdered Extract: Stinging Nettles 4:1
Powdered Extract: White Willow Bark 4:1
Preservative: Aspen Bark Extract Powder, Water Soluble
Preservative: Blackcurrant Extract Powder, Water Soluble
Preservative: Elderberry Extract, Oil Soluble
Preservative: Grapefruit Seed Extract, Professional Strength
Preservative: Lactobacillus Ferment, Water Soluble
Preservative: LactoCoconut Extract, Water Soluble
Preservative: Leuconostoc Ferment Extract
Preservative: Radish Root Ferment, Water Soluble
Preservative: Rosemary Leaf Extract Powder, 60% Carnosic Acid
Preservative: Vitamin E 400 IU, Non-GMO Sunflower (Tocopherol)
Preservative: Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherol, Non-GMO (T-50)
Preservative: Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols 50% - Non-GMO Soy
Resin: Sangre de Drago (Liquid Extract)
Salt: Bolivian Pink, Extra Fine
Salt: Bolivian Pink, Fine
Salt: Dead Sea, Fine
Salt: Dead Sea, Medium
Salt: Dendritic
Salt: Epsom
Salt: Himalayan Pink, Fine
Salt: Himalayan Pink, Medium
Salt: Sea, Fine
Salt: Sea, Medium
Salt: Sea, Small
Seed Powder: Apricot
Seed Powder: Cherry
Seed Powder: Grape
Seed Powder: Olive
Seed Powder: Raspberry
Seed Powder: Rose Hip
Silk Powder, Superfine
Silk: Silk Peptide Powder, Water Soluble
Stearic Acid
Sugar: Demerara Sugar
Sugar: Demerara Sugar
Sugar: Golden Cane
Sugar: Turbinado
Wax: Bayberry
Wax: Beeswax (White, Filtered Pellets)
Wax: Beeswax (Yellow, Filtered Pellets)
Wax: Candelilla, Pellets
Wax: Carnauba Flakes
Wax: Emulsifying (veg. based)
Wax: Rhus
Wax: Rice Bran
Wax: Sugarcane
Wax: Sunflower
Witch Hazel 86%


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