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Ethically Sourced Natural Bulk Ingredients for Beauty, Personal Care and Wellness Applications

Natural Sourcing, LLC and its trademarked brand Praan Naturals specialize in the supply of an extensive range of certified organic and conventional natural ingredients for beauty, cosmetic, fragrance ∓ perfumery, spa, massage, aromatherapy and other personal care applications.

We offer the finest ingredients from responsible growers, distillers and manufacturers across the globe. Praan Naturals does not perform testing on animals nor does the company purchase natural ingredients from companies that test on animals.


Our vast range of organic ingredients is Certified Organic by CCOF. We also offer a growing range of Certified Kosher and Certified Halal ingredients.

Our mission focuses upon making conscious choices that improve the wellbeing of our planet and our people. We are deeply grateful to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and to all of our families for their support in this mission.

Our dedicated staff is delighted to assist you with sourcing new products and ingredients for your formulation needs. We offer our valued customers the benefit of our strong, established relationships with manufacturers around the globe, and our capacity to source products quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our product range is always growing and is driven primarily by customer requests. We welcome and encourage you to please let us know of any ingredients that you are seeking but are not able to locate via our Web site.

Praan Means Vital Life Force

We chose the Sanskrit word Praan or prana, meaning vital life force, to celebrate our recognition of the interconnectedness of all that is and our passion for natural botanicals and their healing influence within every element of our lives. Our brand name not only conveys our personality more accurately, but it honours our ever-growing commitment towards ecologically sound and sustainable business practices. We believe that our choices - and yours - impact every inch of this living planet. By continuing to support like-minded conscious brands, manufacturers and artisans who choose quality and sustainability over profit, we pursue our dream of protecting all life and healing our planet - together.

The Evolution of Praan Naturals

Natural Sourcing was launched in September of 2005 as the bulk division of From Nature With Love. From Nature With Love has been sourcing and supplying high quality ingredients to the skin care, aromatherapy, spa and craft industries since 1997. From Nature With Love recognized the need to create a separate division that is tailored to serve the needs of their large customers with enhanced efficiency and superior customer service. Since the launch of Natural Sourcing, the family owned corporation has been restructured, and both Praan Naturals and From Nature With Love are now a registered trademarks of Natural Sourcing, LLC.

Natural Sourcing, LLC operates a 50,000 square foot facility in Oxford, CT.

From the CEO

After having conducted extensive research on holistic health and skin care during 1997, I conceptualized the birth of From Nature With Love. I was determined to promote natural skin care to the general public. My vision was to become a client-friendly ingredient supply company for small businesses who were also eagerly working to establish themselves in business. We learned a significant amount during our research and explorations, and we eagerly shared valuable information with our customers so that we may all grow together synergistically. Realizing that it was difficult for start up companies to get the ingredients they needed in the quantities needed at affordable prices, we made a commitment to fulfill this need and service them in all the ways that we realistically could so that we could promote their growth and success. We recognize that only by the success of our customers will we succeed and grow. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of watching so many of our customers achieve their potentials. As we envisioned, our customers have been instrumental in our growth. Their loyalty, feedback and recommendations have indeed been the building blocks of our success.

Through Praan Naturals, we are taking our goals to the next level by working closely with reputable and eco-conscious natural ingredient processors around the world. We are eager to bring exotic natural ingredients to our customers who are at the forefront of the skin care industries. To help us achieve our goals, we have built strong relationships based on trust and mutual benefit with both our suppliers and our customers. In addition, we've created a work environment where all employees are treated equally and who are welcome to share their ideas for improvement. Everyone shares the responsibility of satisfying our valued customers and representing the company in a professional manner. Each day is an opportunity to improve ourselves, our service and to seek out new products. We welcome you to our Web site and hope you will find what you are seeking.

AnŠil Moon Devī
Co-founder and CEO

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